About us

“NASZ LEKARZ” is one of largest both GP and specialistic practices in Torun and the region. We have about 25000 patients in the database of our Polyclinic and GP practice. This population can increase to 65000 when we join with the other friendly local GP practices and outpatient clinics (the GP doctors from the other GP clinics can refer suitable patients to us).
The site is well experienced in performing both the short and long time clinical trails. We have over 30 investigators in our study team (23 of them having GCP certificates). They represent wide range of medical fields and many of them have already acted as principal investigators. Our clinic was in the group of leading sites with the highest recruitment in lot of studies. Up to now we have been participating in over 50 clinical studies (II, III and IV phase) in different areas. In our interest are: internal medicine, cardiology, diabetology, gastroenterology, urology, pulmunology, dermatology, neurology, orthopedics, rheumatology, gynecology and ophthalmology.
Our Osteoporosis Centre is equipped in the most modern DXA in the region - LUNAR Prodigy Advance Full General Electric Medical Systems. In the data base we have almost 10000 patients. DXA scans are performed by DXA technicians certified by International Society of Clinical Densitometry and International Rheumacollege and Osteocollege.
There are 5 rheumatologists in the site’s Rheumatology Outpatient Clinic.
The Site has two gastrologists with experience in clinical trials. We have just bought new endoscope – PENTAX with the possibility of videoendoscopy, videocolonoscopy and automatic disinfection (PENTAX EG-290Kp and PENTAX EC-380FK2p).
„NASZ LEKARZ” has separated building dedicated only for clinical trials equipped in special fittings (refrigerators and freezers, centrifuges, limited access storages, etc.). A few surgeries with monitored humidity/temperature conditions and conference room are in our disposal. There are also rooms dedicated for monitoring visits (with computer, internet and fax) in the site.
Our patients are invited for the consultations at precised time. Our certified staff is well experienced in clinical trials, so our patients are professionally and nicely served. Regular and easy contact with the physicians or coordinators is guaranteed at all the time. The patients participating in the trials are additionally offered free medicals and laboratory examinations.
Our medical practice activities are realized in the conformity to the ISO 9001:2009 (Polska Akademia Jakości CERT, Certificate No 376/11/2008/J/R).

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